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The Top Ten Istanbul Expat Blogs

Posted by istare on January 7, 2016

Anyone whom has spent a period of some time in a different country will know that expat life is quite not like anything else in the world. At the beginning it is a steady process of learning the new ways of life in this foreign country , to adjust and familiarize with everyday life situations and the new surroundings of routine.You will come across the most interesting places and even difficult situations, whilst  meeting the most hospitable and interesting  characters . Life in Istanbul is no exception and can make for some great stories along the way . Here are just some of the wonderful recommended Blogs from people whom have encounted such stories to share .

Deanne,  : Turkish food joys

Turkish food is plentiful and one of the most freshest in the world avaliable in many restaurants are mouth watering starters , main courses and then rows of patisseries with tempting deserts . Istanbul has many bakeries with a bread shop on almost every street corner . Weekly food bazzars are stocked with local produce and can be purchased for much less then we would expect to pay in our overseas homes . One of the delights of living here seeing and tasting such joyful food .

Madaline : Living Life in Istanbul

For me life in Istanbul is a great change from my life back home . I have free time to go out and explore new parts of the city as I have no need to work long hours and as many days a week to be able to live a comfortable live with such joy and energy of the city I love getting out and meeting new people in my daily travels as long or as short as I choose . At the end of everyday I return home to my own world of wonders that each day has created upon me .

Lara  : International friends

I am thankful for my life in Istanbul and have an International group of friends here from many countries including Germany, Australia, Uzbekistan, Turkey , England , Spain and Swedan. The greatest lesson in life is you only gain from the many experiences and friendships of multi cultural people ‘’ life offers only as much as you put in’’ .

Jon : One foot in Europe the other in Asian

Istanbul is so interesting , everyday something new happens you can not expect to explore this huge City in a short period of time . Living here for almost a year now seeing new places and new people at the pace I want to go and this is the place I choose for so many reasons difficult to say my favorite one .

Lidiya : Life in Istanbul

I have always been an open- minded person and not afraid to ask what I do not understand . Here is Istanbul I felt so welcome from the first day and dont remember feeling any culture shock it is so nice to continue these feelings I love my new life in Istanbul .

Lenoard : Beginnings and Endings

I moved from a large private house in the country lets say with many wild animals and forest near by not many neighbours in sight . I drove 50 miles per day to get to work . Now I live in Istanbul in an apartment residence with many neighbours both local and expats alike all so friendly in there own daily lifes . I travel to work by metro only a 10 minute journey although a busy one I can say on a commute as so . I didnt experience a culture shock people are so interesting in there close ways life for me in Istanbul is entertaining and  good .

David : Turkish Time

The way of Turkish life is simular to everyplace in the world , and proberly the same as every other . People live there lives , they have families and children and they eat . Finding what makes us happy in live . It is the smallest things that I have found different here the closessness of friends and family the way they walk down the street with linked arms, everyone loves a child . The way time works here in Istanbul or Turkey in fact it is and has to be flexiable as tomorrow is another day and with the Istanbul traffic it is a necessary since no one would be on time anyway .

Sara : The daily grind

No matter how much you spiritually prepare yourself for a life in a new country there are still going to obstacles and issues that one will only find out on the ground. Sometimes its easier to recognize this and be flexible  about moving Internationally .

Suzanne : A – Z

I have a notebook which I carry round with me everyday. The new places I see the new words I learn each has its own place in my life here in Istanbul. This is my reference to life and reminds me of things I have done or places I what to visit again I have now started my own dictionary from this I write all the new words and phrases I have learnt it has built up so quickly you will surprise yourself at how much one can learn from everyday life in a new country .

Robert,  : Language Barriers 

When we first came to Istanbul we were determined our new life here was to be enjoyed and to build our life relations on . This was not so easy as experiencing the great authentic , cultural places and scenes which come along with everyday life we should have learnt more of the language before moving here . Our own fault we feel in love with Istanbul the city with such ease, so much on offer to us although the language barrier was one we had to invest in by getting a quick start with a couple of months of full time Turkish lessons , be prepared .

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