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Property in Esenyurt For Sale

Esenyurt, which is located in the European continent of Istanbul, has become one of the most preferred areas as a residential investment with an increase in the number of apartments. The current population of the region is known as 991.120. This huge number of population has made the region one of the most populous districts of Istanbul. Therefore, when you examine Esenyurt through the real estate ads pages, you can see that many different apartments are on sale. Real estate Esenyurt ads offer many different options. In a short-term investment, you cannot make a very high profit from this area. However, long-term investments will create excellent results, when the development potential of region is considered.

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Real Estate Investment in Esenyurt
Esenyurt is one of the regions that have not decreased real estate housing value for a very long time. Along with Başakşehir, Esenyurt has perfectly adapted to the modernization process in the apartments. Real estate housing value has increased by 78.2 percent in the last five years in the region. This value continues to increase by 0.74 percent in the past month despite the devastating developments of COVID-19. This is an indication that area is a very rational real estate investment area.

Why make Esenyurt Property Investment?

Especially the depreciation duration is an important criterion for those who are looking for property in Esenyurt for sale options for investment purposes. Esenyurt is one of the districts with the shortest depreciation period. The depreciation period in the region is only 14 years. This region can be an excellent area especially for low budget investors and middle-class buyers. Because compared to other regions with exorbitant prices, It has quite affordable housing and commercial real estate options. The average housing price for 100 square meters in area is determined as 225.088 TL. The lowest and highest values vary between 168.816 TL and 281.400 TL.

The subway works that started in 2017 caused the real estate values of the region to increase very rapidly. With the subway works, the region started to receive more investments both commercially and residentially. In addition, there are many hotels, entertainment centers, shopping centers, social areas, and municipal facilities in Esenyurt. This situation causes the region to be preferred frequently for the settlement. Transportation between other central regions of Istanbul and Esenyurt is extremely easy and cheap.

Life in Esenyurt
Esenyurt is an extremely luxurious residence and an area that also hosts residential sites. Both duplex, triplex housing options, apartment flats, and different villa options can be found within the boundaries of the region. This situation causes individuals with different socioeconomic levels to become potential customers in the region. It is possible to say that Esenyurt has a very active real estate market.

A total of 9 shopping malls and their surroundings in the region are marked as areas with the highest real estate sales prices and rental income. Apart from these regions, it is possible to say that the region is rich in terms of educational institutions.


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