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Category Archives: Istanbul Guide

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Beauties of Istanbul Emirgan

Beauties of Istanbul Emirgan

Istanbul Emirgan.This is one of the most charming of the Bosphorus suburbs and is centred on a lovely main square with tea gardens that sit under the shade of old plane trees. HistoryOriginally the suburb was known as Emirgune after Emir Gune who was an Iranian nobleman that had surrendered the castle of Yerevan, now in Armenia, to Sultan Murad IV without putting up …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Istanbul Kadikoy Guide

Istanbul Kadikoy Guide

Istanbul Kadikoy Guide.Nestled on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy stands as a vibrant district brimming with culture, history, and modern allure. As you explore this bustling neighborhood, you’ll uncover a tapestry of eclectic experiences that make Kadikoy a sought-after destination for residents and investors alike. History and Culture: Points of Interest: Famous Restaurants in Kadikoy: Where to Go in Kadikoy: How to Get …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Besiktas Istanbul

Guide of Besiktas Istanbul

Besiktas is a vibrant and cosmopolitan district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. It is home to a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural attractions, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Real estate in Beşiktaş is highly sought-after, due to its prime location and excellent amenities. The district is home to a number of new and modern residential developments, …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Balat

Guide of Istanbul Balat

Guide of Istanbul Balat.With its winding streets, colorful houses and retro trams, the charming neighborhood of Balat offers a glimpse into old Istanbul. Nestled on the shores of the Golden Horn, this atmospheric area was once home to thriving Jewish, Greek and Armenian communities during the Ottoman era. Let’s uncover the top attractions that make a visit to arty Balat such a delight. Explore …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Ortakoy

Guide of Istanbul Ortakoy

About Istanbul Ortakoy This is one of the most popular suburbs of Istanbul, it is right next to the Bosphorus Bridge on the European side, has some great restaurants on the waterside square, a busy Sunday handicraft market and some very chic upscale nightclubs. For visitors looking for culture there is the Istanbul Ortakoy mosque that stands on a promontory extending out into the …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Kumkapi

Guide of Istanbul Kumkapi

About Istanbul Kumkapi Istanbul Kumkapi is located just inside the sea walls between SultanAhmet, Kadirga and Yenikapi and historical peninsula . In Byzantine times it was a busy harbour with a fleet of fishing boats, and today this old Greek and Armenian neighbourhood is well known for its many fish restaurants that open in the summer at the main square. It was once known …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Kagithane

Guide of Istanbul Kagithane

Kagithane is formerly known Sadabad famous with river and recreation area in Istanbul city center.The area around Santral is called Kagithane and was named because of a paper factory and printing house that was established there in 1727, and both of which went bust because the owner was refused permission by the Islamic authorities to print copies of the Koran. Kagithane is a working …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Karakoy

Guide of Istanbul Karakoy

The district north of Galata Bridge is known as Karakoy and named after the Karaite Jews who lived there in the 19th century. This busy commercial area today has a vibrant fish market, cruise ships from all over the world dock here and ferries come and go from Kadikoy and Haydarpasa . One of the biggest sea front project is constructing in Karakoy When …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Beylikduzu

Guide of Istanbul Beylikduzu

The area of Beylikduzu sits in the suburbs of the European side of Istanbul , north of the Sea of Marmara , and is believed to have been first settled as a farming village by Byzantine Greeks during the 2nd century AD. The late Ottoman period was referred to as the “Garden”; after the Turkish Republic was founded it was named Kavakli because of …

Istanbul Apartments For Sale in Turkey Guide of Istanbul Samatya

Guide of Istanbul Samatya

About Istanbul Samatya Istanbul Samatya, a suburb of the city that is rarely visited, was once the base of the Armenian patriarchate and has the ruined Church of St. John the Baptist of Studios which was the most important of all the Byzantine monasteries. Samatya’s name derives from the extensive sands that were once there and have since become a busy main road, and …

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