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Useful Moving Tips to Istanbul Turkey

Posted by istare on June 13, 2016
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Prior to your move to Turkey

A check list of things you have to take into consideration when moving to Turkey

One should take into account and prepare in advance, if not may you run into many obstacles when you arrive in Istanbul. Planning beforehand can save you from any factors there is so much to consider than simply packing.

When you plan to move to Turkey, It is necessary and  important that you do check everything in correct order along with the timing schedule you have . Check all your list and documents well ahead of time and know all the deadlines for getting each element done. Our checklist as below is assigned to make this task manageable and help prevent stress :

Get started

  • Review that you and your families passports are valid too. The process of applying for a visa could take some time and in some countries they can require at least six months of passport validity to issue a visa, so take care here.
  • Check if you and/or family members will need a visa to travel into Turkey and make the application as soon as possible if required.

Get ready to go

  • Make reservations and purchase your tickets for your trip.
  • Check if you require an international driving license (remember that this valid for one year only and it cannot be renewed, you must apply for it again).
  • If you or any pets need any vaccines to travel to this country abroad. It may be a requirement that your pet has to go into quarantine.
  • Get your travel insurance and your health insurance for abroad (including all family members).
  • Check whether your contributions towards your pension are recognized in Turkey you are moving to.
  • Take all your insurance documents along with any medical examinations you may need to prove and describe your insurance covers. You may only be able to get these in the intended country . Check beforehand with other expats advice.
  • If you are renting a house, tell your landlord. Many rental contracts you are required to give notice several months in advance.
  • Anything that you are not taking with you, or planning to come back to sell it (cars, furniture, property, etc). Alternatively you can ask friends to take care of them or put into storage.
  • If you are planning to leave for a long period of time, maybe you should give “powers of attorney” over your financial affairs to someone close for the period you are away.


  • Abort all your services : electricity, gas, water, telephone and internet.
  • Cancel any subscription you may have with clubs, associations, courses, newspapers, etc.
  • Close any bank accounts unless you intend using them.
  • Notify the tax authorities that you are leaving.
  • Give your new Turkish address to your friends, family and business associates.
  • Redirect your post through the Post Office.
  • Make payment for any outstanding loans and bills before you leave the country.
Article Information
Useful Moving Tips to Istanbul Turkey
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Useful Moving Tips to Istanbul Turkey
A check list of things you have to take into consideration when moving to Turkey.A guide to move to Turkey
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Armaya International
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